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History Mountain Resorts in Japan

Mt.6 (Mount Six) cordially welcomes all of you. Mt.6 was organized in June 1999 upon the mutual pledging of six mountain resorts to create and preserve mountain resort culture. The six mountain resorts are Nozawa Onsen, Zao Onsen, Kusatsu, Hakuba Happo One, and Myoko Akakura Onsen. Through mutual information exchange among the resorts, we aim to provide even higher quality service to every visitor. As you know, the six mountain resorts have been evolving around two main elements. One element is skiing, which is king of all winter outdoor activities, and the other is hot springs. The Mt.6 resorts all have splendid natural landscape that is particularly outstanding among Japan’s mountain resorts and are also renowned as hot spring health resorts. They flourish with international events and international interaction and many spots has become representative of resorts in Japan. Proudly aware that Mt.6 resorts are animated with history,tradition and culture, we plan to keep endeavoring to make the resorts places where all of you can truly relax and get reinvigorated.

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Three Promises

1.While maintaining pride and awareness ofbeingmountain resorts represent ative ofJapan and wishing for the health of all guests, we commit ourselves in aiming at realizing complete service satisfying everyone and to be liked by all.

2.While valuing the history, tradition and culture of each resort, we aim to realize mountain resorts with the indi viduality and philosophy demanded in the 21st century. And in doing so, we commit ourselves to never stop learning, never stop working hard, and to compete with each other to mutually improve ourselves.

3.By committing ourselves to protect the luxuriant natural environments and make social contributions that mountain resorts are capable of, we aim to demonstrate leadership in the development of athletic and leisure activities and in vitalizing the respective reg1io0na1l economies.